Brewing as we speak ... QUESTIONS.


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I'll continue to use this thread throughout the day as I brew and use it to ask questions I might have as I come a crossed them. I'm literally brewing as we speak. Your immediate responses would be great.

Currently brewing a 250ml batch @ 200mg/ml:
I've added necessary ingredients, applied heat, and I'm trying stir out all swirls. The solution has thinned but not all the swirls have disappeared. Can I proceed with the filtering or should I keep on stirring.

DougoeFre5h said:
Stir until clear, more heat may be necessary, but it will ensure even filtration and nothing gets "stuck" in the filter membrane.
Just the guy i wanted to hear from .. thanks doug.
I otice when I heat it, it almost goes completly clear. as it cools the swirls re-appear. I'm using low heat off and on. Should I up the heat? I'm just affraid of over cooking it.


PS: i should also note that the solution is clear, but you can still see chemicl swirl.
I generally use medium low heat, but I keep an eye on it. Any hint of smoke and it comes off the burner until the burner cools down.
The EQ came out fine ... we'll see if it holds up over the next few days. I assume all is well. I played with a bit of Winstrol as well; Made some suspension. It appeared to thicken up after a while so the next time I make more I'll leave out the PEG (used 3% PEG400, 3% BA, 3% PS80, & 24% BB).

I start again tomorrow with Test enan and Deca. I'll post up questions as they come along. I appreciate you guys chiming in. I hope to see you around tomorrow if I drop in.

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Check it out:

So pretty! oh so pretty!

3% Peg400
3% BA
3% PS80
24% BB
Distilled Water

With all the talk about how trick Winstrol (winny) is I thought I was going to experience a couple crashes at least. I didnt experience anything of the sort. I guess that's what happens when you got a good group of guys helping you make the right moves.

Just wanted to share,
Thank you Doug ...

I'd also like to add that over the last few days I finished Test E and Deca without even the slightest problems. They've got to be some of the easiest compounds to make. They practically make themselves. All you need to do is add the ingredients to achieve your desired outcome.

Next up ... Tren Ace (which I've made before) and Prop. Then I'll really sit down and finish up with the WNY; trying an oil based and a few other recipes I have on hand.

I'll be writing in as I go through these proceedures, processes, and steps. Again, I'd appreciate any ones advice for I will probably be writing in as I'm actually brewing things up.

As always, Thank you.
hmm mine holds great at 2%ba 10%bb @250mg/ml....... maybe bringing the solution down to 200 or 225mg/ml using EO and re-heating.....test E is normally very easy to hold not sure why your having problems
Just carrying on from the other days brewing concerns ...

Todays brew:
Tren @ 75mg/ml, total of 400ml (no problem).
Test Prop @ 100mg/ml, total of 1000ml (no problem).
Test E @ 250mg/ml, total of 400ml (no problem).
Deca @ 200mg/ml, total of 500ml (no problem).
Winstrol @ 50m/ml, total 200ml (would not suspend).

All went well except the Winstrol (winny), naturally. I got impatiant and decided to try a large batch (200ml) at once. It didnt crash, but not all the powder will suspend. I'm heating it now, being carefull not to cook it too much. I dont think this will help any. PS80 has alreay been added, but its still clumping. any suggestions? super solvent perhaps? I'll fiddle with it a bit more to see if i can get it to suspend, otherwise its the trash can; waste of good Winstrol (winny) ... shame.

News on the WNY:
i just added a bit more PS80 and Super Solvent while heating in a water bath and all the clumps suspended. I'm going to take it off the heat and see how it seperates. Hopefully holds ...

and ... we have a complete crash!!! With a little patiance, I'll have better luck nect time. I wont do more than 20ml at a time!! oh what fun that will be.

I'll get at you all tomorrow,