Help With Home Brew Test E


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prb not worth a try lol and i have done one cycle of test e. some people say 21 is to young to use and other say its fine. im dedicated to bodybuilding and stay on a good diet all the time, dont drink nor do drugs.I think my self that 21 is young for many people. if i could go back in time i would do the same thing all over. i know many people that did it at 21 and are fine.i took it fever seriously got blood work b for and after my post cycle therapy (pct). took my time and did a lot of research before i did it. had little to no sides. so dont go and burn me.I saw that some one brewed there own stuff and i was just curious and just reaching out for info.


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its not hard to brew, its hard to source.

I would stick to doing stuff from your local guy till you figure it out.
The are some nice things about your own stuff.

First off, dealers switch lables all the time, they are sticky cunts. They dont give a rats ass about you, they just want to sell you some shit. NEVER LET A SALE GO.

Second, because of #1 half the time you dont know WTF is going into your body. As long as its test they dont give a shit. Which makes post cycle therapy (pct) and controlling E2 levels a bitch.

Third, Half if not more of what you find out there is under dosed, so your taking 3-4-5 times what you need to. 750mg of my dealers shit is not even close to 750 of my own shit by far hands freakin down, I am sure lots of the guys here will say the ame.

Dealers are not your friends, never trust them little bastards. If he is your FRIEND, hes still fucking you without lube!

Hope that helps.


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Thats the reason i would like to make it my self, been looking for a long time for a source.
thanks for all the info and that website gave me some good info on how to do it


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BB can not only reduce PIP but also lumps caused by pinning the same site for extended periods like a 12 week + cycle when only hitting two sites(like left and right glute pins).
Making any compound over 100mgs without BB is not recommended by most "guys" baking goodies.


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10 g powder give you 40ml @250mg. so bezyl alcohol will be %2.5 witch is good. but you have to buy sterilized powder .
good like and let us know the result.

Man I glossed over this, but you know nothing is steril till you push it through the watman right?

You cant get steril powder in the real world, in a pharma grade setting perhaps. But who wants to pay 1200 a gram....


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I know its old ass thread but oh well. 10g powder will give you 40ml not 20ml at 250mg/ml

I dont think you need to sterilize oil by heating because you are going to run entire mixture through syringe filter. Just gently melt hormone at moderate temp.

As far as powder goes, its highly illegal to import to US from other countries, and I highly suggest you not to buy at large quantities.