British Dragon Anabol...

Can anyone describe the container. The one I've seen is a clear glass bottle, white plastic lid, shrink wrapped. Tabs look the same
Hootie said:
Can anyone describe the container. The one I've seen is a clear glass bottle, white plastic lid, shrink wrapped. Tabs look the same
that is what i friend gave me a small bottle...might sound dumb...but it was a free was a small bottle that consisted of 100 dbol from south has the logo, the lot # stamped...white the site on it
That's exactly it. I have taken the photo's available on this site and other sites and compared them to what has been displayed in other pictures and they compare 100%. The logo on the back end of the pill is also 100% spot on and so are the dimensions of the tabs (down to the last 100th of a mil). If it is a rip off someone has gone to extreme lenghs to do so and in fact it would probably have been cheaper and easier just to buy the real thing. Must be the real thing then.

I researched the hell out of this, too. Scammers have gotten fakes down precise.

Did you taste it? Chew it should be slightly sweet at first and than bitter. It should hold its shape after keeping in your mouth for 5 seconds, too. I think the real test to do is take 40-50 mg at one time. An hour or two after, you should feel an andro spike.
Thanks Compman, at first they are slightly neutral/sweetish then rather bitter. They dissolve in my mouth in about 25 seconds. They do retain their shape they just keep getting thinner. I'll try the 50 mg at one go. Sorry about the ignorance but what would I notice with an andro spike? (I have a spike every morning but I dont think this is what you're talking about:D )
Your dbol sound real to me! The andro spike feels similar to an adrenaline rush. It's an overall feeling of being amped and pumped! Other symptoms may come with it, but vary person to person.

You'll feel it, though!
Ok Compman did the test with 50mg. After about an hour and 45 minutes I felt a slight tensive feeling like I needed to go throw some weights around. This was soon followed by a mild - medium headache and feeling a little irritable / aggro. Does this sound right?
You got it! Now in days to come you will get the "pumps" that everyone talks about with Dbol.'re on your way!
Bad news, I have e-mailed the manufacturer regarding the small glass bottle containers with 100 pills and this was their reply:
"Thank you so much for your e-mail. Attached please find the photo of anabol for your reference. Please be officially confirmed that we have no other packaging. One bottle contains 1000 tablets and should have halogram sticker on every bottle with the snake logo stamped on every tablet."

Think it's possible that the pills are gen but the containers are a rip off to make buyers more confident that it is the real thing?

I'm a confused puppy!