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What does everyone think about british dragon products?

I recently used there Testosterone enanthate and whilst using it I was experiencing a lot of heart palpitations and three weeks in to my cycle my heart rate shot up to 180 beats per minute and took about 9 hours to come down to about 120 beats/min. Not sure if this was definatly caused by their stuff or was just a problem with anxiety.
Have used other enanthate once before and experienced no probs.
Did your Heart rate shot up whilst excercising,when did you notice this?

I get the same thing!,accept i get skipped heart beats called pvcs(they completely go when im off though!)

I dont know wether it is anxiety or just the body reacting to the drug!

some people just react badly to aas!, and its more common than you think!

apparently its something to do with a change in the nervous system induced by the steroids at certain receptors!

have you cycled before or is this your first?

did you experience the same problem in any previous cycles?

I have been going through just about the exact same thing! Except I've been on their (BD) Sustanon 275. I've been on for 6 weeks and was forced to discontinue. I would get waves of anxiety, paranoia, and increased heat rate many times throughout the day. My blood pressure also went up pretty high. This reaction really confused and scared me. It actually inspired me to start posting on this board because I've never experienced anything like it before.

I was thinking the reaction may have had something to do with the short ester in Sustanon (sust), but maybe it is just the British Dragon product. All I know is, I couldn't continue the cycle which really pisses me off seeing that I spent 600 bucks for a 12 week cycle of BD sust.
I know it does suck!

mine hits me weeks 3 week 4

so whatever is happening seems to be a gradual process

I start to get a buzzing sensation over the left side of my chest

I have found that Diazepam works well to control the heart rate but does not totally cure it(still get the irregular heart beats)

It works by controlling nerve impulses by inhibiting neurotransmitters at nerve synapses(can mess your sex drive up if taken too high doses,but the sacrifice to get through a cycle and acheive great gains outweighs it by far!

I am thinking of using catapres on my next cycle to see if that helps with the increased hr/palpitations and to find out if it is related to blood pressure

I dont beleive it is to do with short esters because i have used prop,cyp,enanth,sust,deca,eq,tren and all produce the same effects!

my bp was always ok though!

highest was 144/66 (relaxed)

never tested it during my palpitations though!

its hard to say what comes first the anxiety or the palpitations!

Also it could be to do with electrolyte imbalances,due to salt retention and magnesium depletion

Apparently Magnesium helps (recomended 600mg Magnesium Chelate)
Pottasium is useful but apparently the body retains potassium more while on steroids

I remember having skipped beats for hours one night and i went down a/e and they checked bp 138/66 ecg 80bpm
electrolytes come back in range!
i wasnt feeling anxious yet they still happened more frequently!
so that really confused me as to wether or not it was anxiety or a reaction directly to the steroid
also i dont get fast hr or skipped beats when i am really anxious when off steroids like being chased by security guards for stealing chicken breast!lol! or getting in a fight

there is not enough research to say why this happens but my guess it is a very trivial thing that causes the imbalance(the drug itself,neurological changes,receptor changes,cAMP overstimulation,Beta Adrenergic Stimulation,change in conductivity in nerve cells,
I think it can be corrected and am constantly researching on the net trying to find exactly why this happens!

Hope this has helped!

Not trying to be a know it all just sharing my experiences with you to help you understand a bit more!