Bulking Cycles and Junk Food ?


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Maybe I'm missing something here but I've always understood steroids can play havoc with your colesterol levels, there's also the issue of LVH prooven or not also the dredded blood pressure. And yet I read post after post of people chowing down on huge quantities of junk food...Mcdonalds, pizzas, Mr Whippy...hell anything just to get the calories in....

Ok that's great you will get the 30lbs weight gain your after but your heart is turning into a sludge pit, wow you look great on the outside so your heart probably looks just as ripped and toned on the inside... right ???

I used to be like alot of you and thought I'd live forever my heart is tough as fuck and will suck it all up.. hell I even enjoyed having a high BP as it seemed to make me more edgy and give me more energy.

Then my heart got fucked up, 2days out of hospital and I was trying to crawl back in the gym, it was a scary as hell I coudn't even walk on the treadmill without serious pain in my chest, suddenly the warning signs on the sauna/steam room, jacuzzie made sense - It was horrific I felt like a dying old man..my legs were weak, I breathed heavily....and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it! It times like that that you realise you have only 1 heart and if it stops beating for even 5 seconds your completly fucked..your brain will be dieing after a couple of minutes and maybe as you die you will be thinking about how you wish you had taken more care of your heart!

There's really no point for this post I don't expect a reply, but the next time your bulking and bite into a greasy ass burger thinking your bulking cycle gives you the right..guess again.


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i think more bodybuilders are more aware nowadays that eating clean is a huge factor in there success theres many ways to get calories in as aposed to junk food