Calf Growth Hormone


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Okay so i am going to get some Calf Growth Hormone pills from a Veternarian. Aparently I am supposed to crush them and mix them with a cream which i then apply to my skin and let dry. You then cover it in saran wrap on your body and leave it over night. Does this sound like it would work, and what type of cream could it be, i dont know yet? Is this sketch or is there another way to take the hormone? and also is it safe?
To save yourself some time and hurt feelings, DO SOME RESEARCH!!! On your "calf growth pills".

Just My 2 cents.
Yes, do some research. Theres a whole sterilization process involved if those 'calf pills' r just 'pills'. You have fillers and other binders that Im sure you dont want to be absorbed into your skin and into your body.