Can someone please give me some more information or advice on my blood test results


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So I just received my blood test results back recently and I'm a bit concerned about my oestradiol and prolactin levels. I am currently on my second cycle using 1ml Sustonon250 E5D and 1ml Trenbolone E3D. I am also using Arimidex 0.5mg E2D and Finasteride 1mg E1D. I have tried searching online to try and find an answer as to whether or not I should be concerned about these levels, but so far I have not had any success in finding that answer. I haven't experienced any noticable side effects from my cycle either so far. Can someone please give me some information or advice on my results and if I should do anything about lowering my eestradiol and prolactin levels. Thanks!

Testosterone 46.7 nmol/L (10.0 - 35.0 nmol/L)
SHBG 15 nmol/L (10 - 70 nmol/L)
Calculated Free Testosterone 1599 pmol/L (225 - 725 pmol/L)

FSH < 1 UI/L (< 9)
LH < 1 IU/L (< 8)
Oestradiol 620 pmol/L (< 100)
Prolactin 380 mIU/L (< 330)