Chemo Update before i go.


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Chemo has been going well, so they tell me....would like to know on what kind of scale they rate this on..... im not bleeding from any orifices so i guess thats a good thing...having a hard time maintaining any kind of weight....cant keep anything solid down even though i am on Anti-Naseau meds.. Living on MuscleTech RTD's and Ensure + protein. The doctors are concerned with my weight loss so far and have instructed me to do everything i can to keep my weight up or risk hospitalization.

Well, I have exhausted much of the ideas and i am in some pretty bad muscle/joint/ everything pain so I have decided to go to the hospital, I will stay there untill they determine how to keep me afloat because i cant do it on my own.

I will probably have some way of reaching me in the hospital given to someone at somepoint or I would venture to say those of your will my cellphone could try and my folks may answer it and let you know how to get in touch with me if you wish to do so.
Good luck bro... we are all pulling for you... Im not sure if you have tried this but.......... have you asked the docs for any type of anabolics????? Or maybe even some GH... its worth a shot if it will help keep some weight on.. to anyone that has his cell phone number give natty a call......... I'll say a prayer for you tonight bro... get back on the board ASAP
Damn Natty, I hate to hear news like this. I really hope everything works out for the best and you get better soon. The whole staff and all our members are pulling for you.
You are gonna pull through just fine buddy boy. Take care of yourself and dont give up hope.
You can do it natty, hang tough bro. I'm thinking a/b you. You have already shown everyone here a thing or two about true strength.
Hey natty, i wish you good luck! please try to keep a good attitude, it seems like you have one, but if you keep it it will do wonders!!! HANG IN THERE!!!

:) :) :) :) :)
good luck,you truley are the biggest person Ive heard of in a long time, things like this make me think how lucky I am to have my health, I wish you the best during this difficult time and with your strength and perserverence you will overcome, In my prayers tonight my friend.
I think I speak for everybody here when I say we are all pulling for you. Even the gay contingent, i.e. Almighty and fantom. :eek:

One thing I would like you to remember during all of this is that you are not alone. Not by any means.
Natty....we're all pulling and praying for you bro. Keep your spirits up high and you'll make it through this just fine.
God bless you my have a LOT of support and love from this board alone!!!!! Hang in there partner!!!!
We're with you in spirit and will be thinking of you all the time!!! You know how to get ahold of me.....please do so!

One MORE shout out for my bro:

Prayers goin' up for you, bro. Hang tough... and get those docs to research Oxandrin for muscle wasting, and weight loss! My mom went from 101 to 120 (5'8") on it in 4 or 5 weeks (10mg per day!)
Natty , I know what you'll be going thru. I take my girlfriend for Chemo 3 weeks on and 3 weeks off . She is a trooper for putting up with it for so long . We'll be praying for and hoping that you make it alright !