CKD while running a cutting cycle


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Ok fellas I got a question here for you. I am a kickboxer and I need to keep my weight in a general area. I am going to run a cycle EQ~400mg/wk, Prop150mg eod, and tren 75mg ed. If I was to run a CKD while running this cycle would I be able to make any gains while becoming more lean and cut?! I am sure I will preserve muscle mass on the diet alone, but will I be able to make any gains? Anyone have any experience with this, if so your opinion and experience would be greatly appreciated. Stats are 6'2 230lbs ~12%body fat
I've noticed in the past that your body has a hard time hitting ketosis on AAS. Therefore I make the most of it and go High protein, moderate fat no carbs. I pick the weekend to carb load and start over. As long as your calories are sub maintenace I think this would work better than a typical CKD (as long as your running juice)