Clen and prostate


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I have had to stop my last 2 clen cycles due to prostate problems. No pain or anything, just some flow problems. Same thing with Hydroxycut. It seems to clear up after 2 or 3 days after I stop.

Can I load up on the Saw Palmetto? will it help ?

Any other suggestions for losing these last 7 pounds ? Diet is as clean as I can without going insane. I am doing cardio as well.
(DNP is out)

I am 5'9 179 about 11%

Wanna get bodyfat to about 7-8 %
No. I tried a CKD diet a few times. I never felt so shitty. I could bairly get out of bed in the morning. I don't eat any simple sugars now, but I am not low carbing.
never had that problem with Clen, but get it with ECA....

I take 640mg+ of Saw Palmetto with each ECA dose, and it helps quite a bit.
I know that many people have bad reactions to ECA with regards to the prostate, but this is the first Ive heard with clen. Try Austin's advice, take some saw palmetto and see how that works.
Yeah, I guess I get that too. I got an infection from ECA that had me shooting blanks for a while probably like 4-5yrs ago. I tried to start some clen recently, and, immediately after taking one I would get this burning feeling in my "shaft". It went away the next day, but, I tried it again and same thing. I think the stimulants are as hard on you as anything that we do. I'm just staying away from them all (except caffeine).