Clen and T3 together


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How should these 2 be run together, for a girl trying to lose some weight? She doest excercise much and doesnt diet. She has a little bit of a belly is all and she wants to just lose some weight. I know I will hear, have her do cardio, have her eat protein and less fat... but fact is she wants a short cut and there probably isn't anyone on the board that hasn't taken anything as a shortcut. Plus if she loses some lbs. I can always hold it over her head for sex. Need info bros, flame away, I love it.
There is no magic pill to make you lose weight.. she has to exercise and watch her diet.. if losing weight was easy we would all have six pack abs.........
true but I did hear that you need to consume a minimum of 4,000 calories a day to not lose weight from T3, not to mention that people take T3 and or clen and speak of their weight loss without even doing cardio yet. All I wanted to know was what would be the cycle of these 2, regardless of, if she works out or not. I am asking for advise not a debate over whether it is worthless to do things with or without cardio.