Clomid, when do i start ?


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Hi all !
for the last 4 weeks i have injected 500 mg testex elmu, number 8 testex today....i have 20 of them

Now i have noticed a tiny bit of Gyno, so i plan on stopping with the testex, because i only have 30 nolvadex (10mg), they are hard to get in denmark :(
...i plan on taken 20 mg nolva ed untill all 30 are gone !

now i plan on doing 3 winstrol a week for 5 weeks instead of doing any more testex (dont want the damn gyno) !

My question goes :
When do i start with my Clomid ? after the winstrol or in 2 weeks (after my last testex) ?

And :
Besides clomid, Zinc tablets and avena sativa, what else can speed up natural hormone recovery ? (natural stuff, though i know clomid is NOT natural). :D