Confused About Blood Work


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I received my labs today and it was actually very surprising. The highest my test has been was ~450/9 free and my results are below. It baffles me as my test increased nearly 200 points since my last test even though I actually feel worse. I can't think of anything that could have contributed to that. Results are below....

Total test: 647

Free test: 16.7

SHGB: 37.8

Prolactin: 17.8 (high)

Estradiol: 24.9

DHT: 51

LH: 6.9

Hemoglobin: 15.5

Hematocrit: 45.9

PSA: 0.5

Im wondering why I feel worse than I did before when my numbers are higher.
It would be good to know what you are pinning, how long have you been cycling? What where your numbers before you started this cycle?
Everything seems ok but your prolactin. That could be partly why you feel worse.

Have you been sleeping or eating better lately? Any other health issues?

Are you thinking about going on TRT?

What time of day were the labs drawn? That can make a difference. Your testosterone levels are typically highest in the morning
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Labs were done approximately 9am. I am not taking anything nor have had any previous experience. Im waiting to schedule consult with Defy but got labs early and figured I'd post.
You don't need TRT. Your total testosterone is right where it should be. If anything it is slightly above average. You do potentially have a prolactin issue though. Hopefully your consult is with an endocrinologist so you can discuss your prolactin.
That's what I would think by looking at my labs as well. I just don't understand how it's 200 points higher than it was a year ago and was declining up to last year. Also, I feel WORSE than I did when my levels are lower. Im curious what will change if we get my prolactin more in range.
I agree it's odd. I would repeat your labs again to be safe. Make sure they didn't make a mistake.

Typically high prolactin results in low testosterone.