Confused about first cycle, and what to do, help please.


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Hey guys i had a few questions about steroids, and my first cycle, and things i believe i did wrong. Also any possibilities on where to go from here. I've been lifting since i was 15 or so, and been on and off until now. I am currently 21. The first cycle i ever took was from a football friend of mine i meet at a D1 school, i had never tried steroids before, but i was always interested in what i could achieve on steroids, so when the conversation came up i said i was interested, and when went from there. When i took my first cycle he walked me through everything but he was in California at the time so he wasn't with me i did the cycle on my own, and asked him any questions i had but we aren't pros so i'm not sure how much he really knew. This was my cycle.
1CC of testosterone nandrolone, pretty sure 200mlg.
1CC of deca durabolin, not sure the mlg on this one.
i took 1 shot of the deca and test in one shot twice a week. so 2CCs of each a week for 5 weeks.
This was my very first cycle. So my main questions are.
1. was this the correct cycle to do for my first one?
2. was this the proper way to do my cycle?
3. i didnt take a pre or post cycle at all which ive heard is really bad, any comments on that?
4. what cycle should i do next if any at all?
5. is the market on safe to buy AAS from ?
Please help as i am so lost since my friend from college has lost contact with me and i have no idea what the next step should be.
Wow! That was a really bad cycle! And yes, you should have run PCT! When did this cycle end? It may not be too late for PCT.

I think I know the answer to this but do you have blood work results?

Please read the FAQs link below in my signature. Right now there is just way too much ground to cover. You need to do some homework first before we can have an insightful conversation. This will make it easier and more constructive for you.

Finally, you should not use steroids before the age of 25. Your endocrine system is still developing. What studies show is that using steroids when younger lowers you testosterone levels for the rest of your life and is even more likely to shut them down entirely. This is covered in more detail as well in the FAQs thread.
i heard about the age of 25 thing, but i figured if i did a short simple cycle it wouldn't be to hard on my body. i started my cycle in the first day of december 2015. the only reason i came here for the side is i guess i did some researched and start freaking out about long term side effects. so a post cycle is out of the question. what was wrong with the post cycle, what do you think i should do now ?
First Cycle. Need some help.

Hey guys pretty simple need some help. I've been lifting since I was about 15 or so for fun, and then all the extra benefits, and for sports. I'm know 21 and trying to compete at a more higher caliber since i'm currently attending U of J D1 University as a running back. I wanna start taking steroids, and i'm pretty much curious what should I be doing for my first cycle. I'm currently 190-200 depending on sodium and carbs, as I am quite sodium sensitive. LBS 5' 7" . 1 rep max of 305 Bench, 415 or so for Squat, 370 for DL. What should i do for a first cycle, all the info as I am a noobie.
Welcome. Going for the glory at your age will take a toll on your body in the long run. Think it through. and please keep all the same questions to this thread instead of starting other threads with the same question.
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I appreciate the concern with my age, but the chance of going pro is something that is worth while, and at the same time I am 21, and at the same I am able to decide what I would like to do. Not to sounds rude at all though sorry if it comes off that way. If there is anyone that can help me on what to do on my first cycle that would be great.
Ok welcome to the board. :wavey:

Yes you have come to one of the best places to learn and even better how to learn like here with the sticky thread located where you came in to post your thread.
They have articles such s beginners what to know and layouts for beginners cycle. Also you will need to educate yourself about Estradiol and prolactin. There is much information you really need to know to cycle using AAS safely or maybe better as safe as possible. Steroidology is a forum that promotes safe protocol.
First off I highly recommend not cycling tell at least 25. I don't think your fully comprehending the side effects that can happen or understand that these side effects will be with you for life possibly. This might sound rude but it's worth thinking about how talented are you when it comes to your sport of choice, and are steroids really going to push you to that next level where you can make money off your sport of choice. If you don't have the talent to make money off your sport it's not worth the consequences of taking steroids before 25.

If your serious about taking steroids read every night for 3 months at least one hour a night about steroid profiles, pct, managing side effects, aromatise inhibitors, different side effects, blood work, long term side effects, and then make your decision. Don't just ask random dudes on the Internet to design a cycle for you when your ready to cycle you won't even have to ask what your first cycle should be. This place has an insane ammount of material you can learn here I recommend reading and looking up as much as possible. Also If you want to step up your game without steroids I suggest getting a diet plan from 3j he is the man.