Counterfeit Questions


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Hey, to whoever may know...

I'm wondering about Finabolan by Negma. I've come across a 30ml/70mg bottle. The label on the bottle and the box is a mustard yellow color. It looks legit in every sense of the word, and the box was sealed with a round hologram on both ends. I can't find too much literature on the net about it. Anyone heard of it? Like I said, all clues, point to it being legit. I've seen a similar Finabolan that was 30ml/30mg, but this one reads 'Extra Fort' on it (Extra Strong in French). It also states that it's new as well.


I've also come across some Primoteston Depots. They're brown amps with blue writing on the, There are two blue stripes on the neck as well. A few of them read 250mg on them, and the rest don't show a mg dosage. I'm guessing that they're the 100mg ones - if those exist. But, I'm not sure. I'm told that they're from Mexico. Again, they all have the same levels in them, and the print is identical. It doesn't rub off either. But, I'm a bit skeptical cause of the dosage showing on only a few. Also, the ones that show 250mg on them have the same lot numbers as eachother, and the ones not showing the dosage, have the same lot numbers. So they're 2 different lot numbers one for the ones with the dosage printed, and one for the non-dosage ones.

If you have a clue about either of these, I'd appreciate the help. Thanks,