Questions about HMG versus HCG


Haven't been on the forums much lately, or researching new peptides/chemicals. I've just been on auto-pilot with TRT. I was wanting to refresh knowledge, find out what's new out there, and I stumbled across HMG. It seems like it's readily available from some peptide distributors now.

I've been using HCG along with TRT, and it looks likes there may be some benefits to HMG vs. HCG. From the latest knowledge that people have are there any benefit to HMG over HCG? Are there any big negatives to HMG? If HMG does have benefits over HCG, what is the conversion for dosage. I know that typically HCG for TRT is 250iu-500iu 24 hours before, or along with, each TRT injection, which I do every 3.5 days. What does that equate to for HMG.

I'm assuming the dosage for HMG would be much less, since a typical vial of HCG is 5000iu, and I'm seeing HMG vials of 75iu.

Thanks for any information you can provide. I'm planning on getting a little more active on the forums again. I'm feeling disconnected. I want to stay up to date with what's out there.


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Typically it's people on TRT that want to have a kid. You make sure they start including hCG. For fertility hCG is really good for intra-testicular testosterone levels. And if hCG alone doesn't increase fertility then try the hMG as well.

And if both of those don't work you can get off TRT and start recovering naturally, well with help of medications but you get it.