currently taking Sermorellin (.5ml/every other day) & HCG (1.0ml/2x week)

hello, thanx for the post,, very informative,, i just started the sermorlin regimen, im 47 and the doc said my t levels were too high (780) for any other treatment,, i have been on the sermorlin for 3 weeks and want to ad androgel for better gains in the gym and to try to gain sum lean muscle,, i live close to mexico and want to get the androgel there because if i ask the doc he will tell me i dont need it because of my high numbers bloodwork on t levels, 780,,, so i was wondering if you though it would be ok for me to ad the androgel,, and not fear of growing another head or something?? i can honestly say that my goal is more vanity driven than low t.. i want to stay in the game and then sum man,, plain and simple,, your thoughts ??
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I'm currently taking Sermorellin (.5ml/every other day) & HCG (1.0ml/2x week) based on Dr recommendations to recover from an injury and to increase testosterone and IGF numbers which were low to moderately low. So far, so good. (Background info: diet & exercise is good to go).

I would like to start increasing my aerobic endurance with training. What I've noticed is my stamina is pretty low and recovery time from longer training sessions are bad.

What recommendations do you guys have to help with this? I don't desire more muscle mass or vanity reasons. Looking for a increase test/IGF #'s as well as stamina for endurance training. Would consider AAS or HGh but have never tried any before. I have read through all the stickies and "my first cycle" posts.