curry mince used for many things mmmMMM


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Use a pot for this


Tomatoe Paste
Curry powder - l use a brand called Keen's traditonal curry powder
tiny bit of salt
olive oil

1. cut up onions, start to cook onions
2. throw in mince
3. when mince is gettin colour throw in-

2 normal sized spoons of tomatoe paste
1 tea spoon of curry powder
quarter of a tea spoon salt

4. add water till the the water covers the top of the mince
5. turn heat down to low and let the mince simmer in the water, make sure to mix too.

And then when its done its usally nice mixed in with some rice or spehgetti :) lm using it to have burrioto's yum yum

--Make sure you keep mixing the mince around when u jsut chuck it in so it doesnt stick in blocks

hope i wrote it out good 1st time ive ever wrote a reciepe in my life lol
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