cutting question.


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Is it possible to loose muscle while doing cardio and dieting even while on a cycle??????

im doing a cycle like this:

4-12 fina 75mgs ed
1-12 test enanthate
also gonna run an ECA.

if i do 30mins of cardio 5 days a week will i loose muscle of just fat??????
well...this is a hard question to answer because many factors are involved such as training frequency,diet,recuperation,etc...well,listen,for a cutting cycle i would switch it over to a short acting TEST such as prop or suspension...this will give you the boost immediatelly and will aid w/ catabolism right off the bat...besides,from my own experiences,althought TEST IS TEST,i feel that with the faster acting TESTS i don't have any problems w/ edema WHILE dieting...which helps by giving you that hard and tight cycle that has worked wonders is this one...

50mg ED of prop for weeks 1-8
75mg ED of tren for weeks 3-8
clomid 2-3 days after last injection