Cycle advise not a first timer but with my own cycles but need help with my girls

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I am banned!
She's 5"7 140lbs
Body fat is 22%
Previous cycles 1albuterol
9mg wk 1
15mg wk 2
24mg wk 3
Saw no results gear was real but diet wasn't in point

Cycle now
10mg anavar week 1-2
15mg anavar week 3-4
20mg anavar week 5-8

10mcg clen day 1
20mcg clen day 2
30mcg clen day 3
40mcg clen day 4-14
60mcg clen week 3-4
80mcg clen week 5-6
100mcg clen week 7-8

With ketotien starting after two weeks at 1mg nightly

Clean diet
6 days on 1 day off workout schedule
Legs twice a week
Back once a week
Arms once a week
Shoulder and chest light same day
Cardio 3 times a week
Abs 2 times a week
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