cycle help


stats, 25, lifting for 7 years, 197lbs dont know bf
3 cycles
1 test400mg for 8 wks
2 test and eq 400mg 10 wks
3 test 600mg 8 wks

i want to gain a solid 15lbs
i will definitly be running eq at 600mg for 12 wks
winstrol 50mged for the last 6 wks.

but i dont know how much test to use.
i was thinkng 250-500mg at wk
i want more effect from the eq so i cant get harder.

what do you guys think about the test part.

also what would be a good low dose to run test or eq for
6 months.
If its your first cycle, Id leave the EQ at 400mg and take the Test up to 500mg. Do you know what test you're going to use? Im a fan of Enth. You could also kick start this cycle with a low dose of dbol to stay lean. This is a classic cycle and was my first and I got 17 solid lbs in 10 weeks.