Cycle make sense?


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Good Morning fellow Juicers!

I am debating/laying out my next cycle and I want to go long (I seem to respond better wither longer than shorter cycles).

Here is what I have laid out:

Heavy androgen weeks 1-6 (i.e. sus with dbol or oxy)

High anabolic weeks 7-14 (i.e. deca and or EQ)

Fast Acting weeks 14-20 ( i.e test prop)

Hardening cutting weeks 14-20 (i.e primo and clen)

Ancillary drugs weeks 17-20 start clomid and HCG

I was figuring I would be able to take advantage of the care over of the deca into weeks 14-20 and then gradually taper on the primo.

My plan is to bulk up the first 14 weeks and then trim down and hearden up the remaing weeks.

Diet would consist of eating anything that doesn't move or that I can catch in the bulking phase then go to a high protien low carb diet during the cutting/hardening phase.

What do you guys think? I am wasting my gear trying to accomplish both bulking and cutting in the same cycle?

To me in theory this seems practicl. But everything looks good on paper:D
I think Test needs to be ran the majjority of the cycle. Primo is ethanate, so it will just be kciking in full throttle when you quit it. Deca or EQ IMO should be ran 10 weeks.
Shoudl I run the test prop the whole time maybe repacing the sus?
What would you recommend in replace of the primo?

Also is it worthy trying to accomplish both bulking and cutting?
I think you need to choose a goal and stick to it. If you have the primo, just run it earlier. YOu could use sus at first, switch to Eth or Cyp, then run prop at the end, so you can hit post cycle sooner.
Actually I have nothing at the moment. I am making my plan up before I go to the "store." I am 208 approx 10% bf and I want to get up to 220-225 for a wedding in June. Kinda wanted to accomplish a hard ripped look too.