Cycle questions...need help please


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Ok I am asking the pro's, I have this posted elsewhere but I think it was the wrong forum.

I have been off due to back / shoulder injury. I was at work and had a box of meat fall on top of me ( 113lb meat box ) lol anyways the doc has said I am 110% back and ready for action. I have been back in the gym for 6 months now.

I am 6ft, I was ( 2 yrs ago ) 246 lbs 11% body fat and comp ready. 6 months ago I was 274 and 100% body fat...well not really but I had a gut. I have in 6 months gotten down to 238lbs and am back in action and ready for my cycle. I have this->

10cc Deca,
10cc Sost 250,
20cc Winstrol (winny),
Nolvadex tabs

deca, sost, and Winstrol (winny) all made by Liqua Tech, I have tried and trust this product.

ok now for my questions

I am haveing trouble designing a cycle to fit my products. So many ideas and so many more informed people since I last used. I have no idea on length of the cycle and when to take my products to make them work effectively. Do I run the sost and deca, then follow up after the cycle with the Winstrol (winny) and nolva? I honestly have no idea. Do I run this into 2 different cycles? any idea or help will do please let me know



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first off 10cc's of sust is not even close to enough... you need a minimum of 20 shots bro... what is your cycling experience?? and your stats... height age exact bf%.. and if you have cycled what have you used in the past.. give us your exact cycles from the past...

and seeing your lack of knowledge of how to run a cycle ... i would just sell your gear because it's useless to because you have absolutely no idea what you're doing with it


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It sucks that you were injured, but damn that's a funny way to do it lol!

First up, post your training and cycling experience.
anyways...10cc's doesn't really mean anything, How many mg/ml is it (deca)?
Sust (never heard of sost) is 250, that gives you 10 shots. Since you are already at a good weight, you'll probably want to do at 500mg/wk. That means you have enough for 5 weeks. You need at least another 10 cc's.

People usually run deca at 400 or 500mg/wk, so if it's 250 again you need another 10 cc's at least. This is for a 10 week cycle. I don't really think you need the Winstrol (winny).

So it would look like this:

Weeks 1-10 - 500mg sust
Weeks 1-10 - 400mg Deca
weeks 13-14 - Nolva @ 40mg ED
Weeks 15-16 - Nolva @ 20mg ED