Cycle Time! Test E, NPP, EQ


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So today was push and I was ready to GO. Felt just the right amount of aggression to go in and crush the weights today and I did. Workout went like this:

Barbell bench
135 1x20 to warm up
185 1x12 getting the blood pumping
225 1x5
235 3x5, 1x4
185 1x14 to failure

Incline DB bench
75 4x12

Buffalo bar or U bar (basically lets you get about 4 inches deeper to press)
135 1x15
185 1x5 (much harder then i expected)
155 3x10

Close grip Football bar press (focused on tri's)
95 2x15
135 2x8

55 3x8
50 1x12

I was feeling pretty gasses at this point but wanted to finish strong

Cable flys low
20 3x15

superset with Cable latteral raise
10 3x12
15 1x8

Rope push downs
60 3x15

superset with machine curls (wanted the pump cuz I was feeling big couldnt help myself)
95 3x12


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Little late with this log as i workout last night but it was pull day.

Barbel row
135 1x15
185 1x15
205 1x12
225 2x10
185 to failure 13 reps

Single arm DB rows
75 1x15
85 1x12
95 2x10

Superset w/ concentration curls
30 1x10
35 2x8
40 1x7

Lat pull downs (forgive me but for some dumb reason i didn't write down weights or sets on this)

High Rows
90lbs 1x20
140 1x15
160 2x12

t-bar rows
135 1x12
145 3x10

superset w/

Barbell curl
85 4x10

Pull-ups lat focused (I was dead so dont judge)

Dead lifts
225 1x15
315 1x12
405 1x2

I felt pretty good yesterday and the lower back is doing well. Got a little taxed at the begining on bent over rows but recovered well for the rest of workout. Today is going to legs and I might even max out if I'm feeling good when i head to the gym. I'll keep you all psoted.


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So yesterday workout was legs. I actually fell asleep before I went to the gym but was determined to try and max. That was a BAD BAD idea. I was tight and still tired and failed at 425 which isn't anything to crazy heavy for me. I feel very good and I do think my blood levels are good. I'm injecting 4 times a week so one day is back to back which makes it kind of odd but makes it easy on me injecting. Leg day went like this

Low bar Back Squat
225 1x15
315 1x8
405 1x1
425 (failed)

Sissy Squat (narrow feet deep squat)
185 1x15
205 2x12
225 1x8

Single leg Hamstring Curl
55lbs 4x15

Superset w/ leg extions with a concentration hold at the top for 3 seconds
160 4x12

Glute kickbacks on cables
40 4x15

Straight leg deads w/ DB
100lbs 3x10


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Alright so today was push day with a focus more toward shoulders. The workout went a little bit like this:

OHP (strict form)
135 1x5
145 3x5
135 1x7

DB bench press
70 1x15
90 1x8
100 3x5
105 1x3

Seated Shoulder Press
50 1x15
60 1x12
65 2x10

Seated Side Raise (hold at the top and sqeeze)
15 1x18
20 1x15
25 2x15

Incline Press at a high angle to get more shoulder involved
60 1x15
70 2x12
80 1x8

Cable lateral raise
15 4x15

Tri rope pushdown (didn't write down the weight)

Overhead rope Tri extension
57.5 3x12

Feeling really good today the pump was sooo good and felt pretty strong. First time going up to 145 for a 5x5 even though i didn't get all the set definatly progressing.


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Okay so I thought I'd give you all and update on more then just training today. First off I can feel myself become more easily aggiated and aggressive. I am very aware of this and staying in control but I had nothing like this on my previous cycles. Also at this point already my.balls are comically small which is to be expected with something like Deca because it shuts down natural production pretty hard. I injected my quad yesterday for the first time in awhile and let me tell you it is SORE no redness or inflammation but the muscle is aching like a SOB. Also took off work today just to relax and get some errands done so I'll get a good long training session in maybe with some HIIT cardio since I did run this morning. The weight is coming off slowly just as I planned as I just dropped down to 199.4 this week and 16% bf flat. I haven't had to take an AI yet as I'm pretty resistant to estrogen but I am keeping an eye out for puffyness or itchy nipples along with holding more water. ( Scale tells me% water held which is very useful. It is climbing right now but very slowly)
If y'all have any input or questions feel free to ask!