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which on would you gain the most lean mass off of?
i just wondering about the dam eq i keep heard of and every body likes it why??

test and tren


test and eq

which one of this cycle have yall gain the most off of??
For lean mass I would say...Test/Tren only because when I'm on EQ I eat like a pig......
staybig said:
so it just makes you hungry am i right on this one

It also makes me hard but if I had to go w/ Lean mass cycle I would pick Tren....

I like using EQ during winter w/ D-Bol and Test......
staybig said:
i there a limit that your receptors are full of steroids meaning on like 2000mgs of steroids

Everyone has their own limit bro......I stay under 1000mg and make nice gains and that’s combined like 500mg test & 400mg EQ....lots of people think more could be better but it's not true....sure there will be a time when you need to up your dosages like after 10 cycles or so...LOL...when your over 250lbs or so........
I try to learn from each cycle that I do....what worked best for me at what dosages..ect.......
question about slin?
i was wonder my last cycle was 1000mgs of sus and if i go with slin and sus can i drop on the dosages like 750mgs of sus?
does slin do that for you it like put you back when you was first or second cycle when your receptors where still fresh, when you combine them
why not use slin on your off time.....thats what I'll do to help keep my gains and maybe make some little ones.....
i was going use it after my cycle to help hold on the gains but will slin help gain about 15-25%percent in muscle gains??

i was going to cycle tren and test and slin
no flame bro, but do some thinking and research for yourself. I mean its okay to ask questions, but soon we will be eating and lifting the weights for you.
I like all three also, that's what I am doing right now! If I had to chose, I guess I would go with Test/EQ. I am just a big fan of EQ though.