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ok ive been reading alot on this site about running 1 compound first cycle.i've dabbled a couple other times,but for different reasons have had to stop before i finished.i'm realizing i jumped the gun on starting right out the gate,but whats done is done.anyway im running test e 300 and tren 75 every 3 only 2 months back in the gym and been on the 2 for 3 weeks.i started out 185 im now up to 207 or so at 5'11".not sure on body fat for someone just back to the gym im pretty ripped and vascular,so im thinkin 10 or 12 %.access to gear is no question is basically weather or not i should switch to something else and if not should i change the tren to ed or eod and the test e to every 5 days i want to put on size,but not bloated water weight.thats why i picked the tren and test.maybe test e and eq.sust.?also thinkin of adding deca 300 .too much?any advice appreciated 1whitey
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