d-bol choices


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So i have someone who has 5mg d-bol and they say its american grade...

they say 1 month cycle for $ kinda pricy i think

Also have someone that says they have 10mg d-bol which isnt american grade, but i can get that for a lot cheaper and a lot longer cycle... like 3 month cycle for like $@@@ 250 pills.

I want the longer cycle because im going to stack it with test... what would you guys do?
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fuck man... these guys swear like they know what they are talking about and it kills me. i wanna run like 30 mgs a day. so three pills a day at 10mg...

the guy who said his shit was american stuff said you take 2 pills before and 2 pills after workout... that seems like thats a lot of pills in the matter of 3 hours. are there any links about d-bol on this site?