D-Bol question......yes another one!!


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OK one quick question about D-Bol and the best way to take it.

IS it better to take it ED 7 days a week,
or 5 days on 2 days off?
yea because dbol has such a short half life its best taken thru out the day, everyday to get the best end result....no idea why someone would want to do 5/2 because they would have huge peaks and valleys in there blood levels.
try for at least 3 times a day too, 10mg preferably one hour b4 a workout, or more depending on you dose.
The short version....lol

D-bol increases protein synthesis....
Your body grows when at rest and on your days off.....
So if you take it 7 days a week you'll allow your body to take advantage of the d-bol and the increased protein synthesis........and you'll grow.....:p

I have another question then.
Should I do 30mg or 40mg's?
My last cycle was 25mg/day, but again that was 5/2 about a year ago.
Didn't see much in gaind from the dbol, probably due to the bad advise!!

My cycle is going to be
1-5 dbol
1-10 test en. 500/week
1-10 eq 400/week
You look like a pretty thick dude: try the 40mg ED....you can always cut back


try the 35 mg/ED and add to it.
The effective dose on dbol is supposed to be 50mg's per day. I weigh 230 and get good results at 30mg's. I wouldn't go below that.