d-bol question


Gettin Big
I've been taking d-bol for almost two weeks already and started test and deca this past week. I definitely feel the d-bol in the gym but sometimes when I take it, probably within the hour, I get really tired and sleepy. I don't know if this is normal and wanted to see if this has happen to any of you guys. I know in my past cycles the hormone changes in the body made me sometimes unusually tired and I had to rest but doesn't d-bol always have that "pumped-up" effect.

This sleepy effect happened even before I started the test and deca.

I feel nothing different at all when taking dbol and when not. Maybe more viscous pumps in the gym but thats about it, and id attribute that to holding more water and such.

Dbol wont produce a stimulant effect if thats what you think. You shouldnt feel any different really. Id blame the placebo effect for 95% of "1 hour after" claims.
I personally never experienced any lethargy from D-bol, but maybe others have. There was often times where I didn't always feel "pumped up" after taking them. I only have one cycle experience with Test and never had that feeling with test either. I've never tried Deca so I can't comment.
Personally i don't face lethargic symptoms when on dbol.Dbol makes me feel good and makes me hold a lot of water.

I did hear of guys, like my coach who becomes very lethargic when on dbol; BUT, but but but, he grows extremely well when on it. Maybe lethargy is a good thing.

The results vary from people to people. I personally do not get any form of pump when on dbol but i grow very good on it. I get massively painful pumps when on stanozolol even from walking.