Dbol for beginner


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I am a 22 year old college student that wants to take an all oral cycle in order to put on muscle mass. I currently weigh 215lbs and stand 6'3" tall. I have been lifting weights for 3 years and I feel like I have reached my limit--naturally. My brother was able to buy dbol---but not the usual 5mg pills, but the bigger 50mg pills made by International Pharmecueticals (IP) from a guy at the gym and he sold some to me. In my possession I have 75 pills at 50mg each of Dbol. Each pill I broke in half (to form 2--25mg pills). I am going to begin taking half of a broken pill( roughly 12.5 mg) in the morning and the other half (another 12.5mg) at night for 10 days. Then I will take 25mg in the morning and 25mg at night for three weeks. In order to taper back down, i will again take 12.5mg in the morning and 12.5 at night for the final two weeks of this cycle. Written out, here is the cycle:

first 10 days
12.5mg Dbol Twice a day

Next 3 weeks
25mg Dbol Twice a day

Next 2 weeks
12.5mg Dbol Twice a day

Does this cycle look alright for a college guy?

At what point in this cycle should i start taking Nolvadex ? (ordered and on its way).

I was also wondering what percentage of the gains i would keep after I came off of this cycle?

One last thing, I currently take Paxil Cr for generalized anxiety and was wondering if there are any reactions between the drugs or anything that i should be concerned about?

If anybody can give me advice, please do!!!
Thank you all
take the dbol at least 4x /day (12.5 x4)
no real need to taper
good luck with ip
No need to pyramid! Pick a dose and go with it throughout! You will need clomid to recover with. The key will be you diet. You must eat to grow and maintian size once your dose!

I really think this isnt the way to go, but you go them already!

I would have done 250mg of test and 2-300mg of EQ for a first cycle. Orals should be kept away for a while!
yeah, use the d-bol as stated above or whatever, but add an injectable....much better results man. maybe some enanthate or something.
I did a dbol only cycle and that's all of my experience so far. My advice to you is very simple... either take it with an injectable or don't waste your time (or $$$). In my novice opinion, the amount of dbol needed to get any real gains on its own makes it too risky on the liver and side effects department. I may not have much experience, but i was exactly where you were 3 months ago and wish someone suggested some test to me at the time. Oh well.... anyway, i still have dbols and now obtained some deca and Sustanon to go with it. The only problem now is getting the guts to stick that long, sharp, cold needle into my skin (actually deep into the muscle)... just thinkin it makes me cringe. Please keep us posted on how things go for you...we all learning from and helpin each other.
Those dosages are going to give you minimal at best gains, i felt 30mg of thais more than i did of 50mg of IP dbol, take a full 50 ed, along with some cheap test. I know a college guy can afford 40-50 bucks for a bottle of test, maybe save all your beer cash for a couple weeks for it or something. 6'3 and 215? Thats not natural potential, although I think natural potential is an impossible phrase to fulfill, because you never really know, one tweak of diet, one tweak of workout, whatever, could result in breaking past the current plateua.
u will get gains if u make sure to take an aromatase inhibitor, you may not blow up 20 lbs on a dbol only cycle but i dont see why someone couldnt put on 5-10lbs using it. It will be harsh on the liver *if there is even any dbol in those ip tabs lol* so i would suggest running some ALA and milk thistle while u are taking it.
First welcome to STEROIDOLOGY, yo i would deffinatly run a full pill a day if i were you, also if i were you i wouldent waste my time with a D-bol only cycle, like roadhouse said save some of your beer money and get yourself a cheep bottle of test and run about 200mg a week.