Dbol-Test-Eq Cycle


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Hey guys and or gals....Well I am posting a thread in here to share my little cycle here with yall!

I am a seasoned poster over in TBB.com
But thought since this board is so helpful and the people here are so nice / non bullshit slingers, I thought I would post in here from now on!

This is my 3rd cycle.
First cycle was anavar at 60mg /day for 6 weeks
Second was 80mg /day and 300mg /day andriol ( test undec ) not ANADROL - Both for 8 weeks!

Both cycles were great and with proper post cycle therapy (pct) ( nolvadex 40/40/20/20 ) I rocked my body and got super shreded!

I am ready for a real bulker!

Dbol 30mgs/day 1-4
Test E @ 500mgs/ weeks 1-12
EQ @ 400mgs/ weeks 1-12
armidex .25mg/ED (if needed)

I have no experience with any of the above compounds, so this is really a new world to me. I expect lots of water from dbol, likewise with test
But I have high hopes for lean mass with EQ

I formed a slight gyno problem wilest on andriol, So I am now aware that I am very gyno sensative, So the arimidex will and should solve my problems of water weight / gyno issues!

HCG 12-14 begins between last 2 shots, 4 shots total, 1500, 1500, 1000, 1000
Weeks 14-16, Nolvadex @ 40,40,20,20

Meal plan is still up in the air.....After my first cycle I got eeally wise really quickly on eating properly, I think diet is one of the biggest factors in gains!

I am shooting for about 3500 cals per day in 5 meals or so.
I will post an update on that tomarrow!
Any ideas on that would be aprecaited - There are a few diet plans on here but if you know of one that rocks please let me know!

What else...........Any thoughts on the doseage I propose here?
Test is really the basis of all cycles I believe, after reading and talking with many many people!

I will be starting shortly so I will keep you al updated!

If any thing else comes to mind I will post and let you all know!

Thank you!


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Oh suppliments!

I will be taking

whey protien
multi vits

I will also take tribulus for after the cycle - along side NAC and R isomer ALA



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sounds like a good plan..also throw alot of solid foods in there..chicken,fish..you know the deal..eat like a pig...get somthin to protect that liver also....


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you got it vicious!
chicken - steak - beans - panut butter - eggs etc etc!
Ill be taking NAC and ALA along side milk thistle for liver protection



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Cycle looks good, what are you goals? I would recommend doing Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) during your cycle as opposed to after...this will aid in maintaining testicular function and helping restore you back to normal after the cycle much faster. Doing short duration, high dose Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) spurts has been shown to be dangerous to the testes.

I wouldn't expect too much from the gains in EQ, especially since your taking test and dbol which blow you up rather fast. EQ is seen to provide slower, some say more "keepable" gains. It will also increase your vascularity and some find a significant increase in appetite. I like the idea of EQ as it's a fairly mild steroids and seems great for longer, very clean gains. It's also very easy on the body (when compared to other steroids) which is a bonus.