Dc training


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I been reading up on so many articles on DC training i did day 1 today I did everything i remembered, it was more like a trail run with the weights since i really didn't know what was a good # and now i do.
But day 1 was:
HS incline: 3 plates each side +10*9+2+2reps
HS shoulders: 2plates +25 each side*4 (failed at 4 so took off 25 pounds) 2 plates*4+3
Incline dumbell crushers: 50*7+2+3
Lat pulldown: 220*12+3+2
t bar rows: 3 plates +25*8 ( i thought it was 8 reps, but i re read and it said 12-20 reps)
Forgot about the 20 second negative hold for the stretch, but i did do the deep stretch:

I'm gonna switch it to after this week a 3 day split:
day 1: chest, shoulders, triceps
day 2: biceps, forearms, back width and thickness
day 3: calves, hamstring, quads

So did i do day 1 right, i failed on all reps and rested for 15 seconds with the deep breathing