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The other day I was at the gym. I am working out with a buddy of mine who is getting ready to enter his first competition. It is a Bench and DL show on march 30. he is 220 and deadlifting 585 right now and wants to get to 605+ by then. Well the other day this guy comes in, he is about a 180 and pulls one that was about 650+. We are getting some tips from him and he tells us when he competes he can get around 700. He tells us the best thing we can do is not train the deadlift. he does dead maybe once a month. he does a million good mornings and other accessory excercises but says that heavy dl just take to much out of your system and inhibits other body parts. What does everybody think about that? Obviuosly it works for him so i am not wodering if the approach is correct just what your guy's feelings are about it.

i was reading a article by dave tate, he said you really only should train deads at the max 1 time a month heavy. You also need one speedworkout. A Partials workout. And one workout with Good mornings, and static holds.
this is textbook westside thinking , do some research on dave tate or westside training bro you will love the results
I know it is westside training, I have done the research. This guy does not follow the westside training. He modified this aspect of it to fit his workouts. What i was asking is does anybody else follow this with their workouts? There was a poll not long ago that asked how often people were deadlifting. The answers were more than once a month. I was just curious if any others were modifing this and incorperating it into their workouts.

i DL heavy 2x a month, the other two times are either light, high reps, or good mornings and partials