Deca and Winstrol

Why don't you keep all your deca and Winstrol (winny) questions in one thread. Also, if you read previous posts on the board, you can answer this question on your own.
You're only 19....right ?

Until the age of 24, your body is overflowing with testosterone and growth
hormone. If you can't make progress without drugs when you're still young, you
need to re-evaluate a few things -- mainly your training and your
supplementation. There's no reason why you shouldn't be able to progress on a
consistent basis without drugs. And if you can't, chances are you won't do much
better with drugs. Steroids will also close the growth plates of long bones so if
you haven't reached full height, steroids may prevent further skeletal
development, not to mention, they'll be shutting down your hormonal system at a time when it's reaching maturity. Don't mess with your reproductive system at this point. You're going to need it.