Deca Winny cycle


Getting ripped
Since it seems IMPOSSIBLE to get any legit Primo I'm gonna do a cycle consisting of Deca 500mg/week for 10 weeks and Winstrol 50mg EOD for 6 weeks.
You think this will shut down my libido real bad??
What others options do I have to stack Winstrol (winny) with?

Need som advice Bro's!
Primo is obtainable.......

Deca/Winny is ok. Try:

1-8 500mg/wk Deca
6-11 50mg ED Winny
Clomid 3 days later

Add 250mg/wk test for libido.

Winny stacks well with anything....

Try Test/Fina/Winny
Well I'm 180 pounds, 181cm and been working out for 5-6 years naturally. This is to be my first cycle. I want to keep the sides to a minimum. I'm kind of prone to ance and think that a test only cycle will get my back full with pimples. Nothing I want now for summer...or anytime for that matter!
I know test only is one of the best first cycles...but.....I'm having a real hard time to decide. But I don't want no fuckin Deca dick...