Developing the obliques


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I work my obliques a fair amount (2-3 times a week) and was wondering what the general consensus was on developing them. That is, is it not a good idea to seriously develop them in order to maintain a better V-shape or are solid obliques a good idea. Any opinions? Anyone have any pics on what they would consider weak obliques or over developedobliques?

You have to be careful with obliques. If you over develope them your waist will look think. Personally I don't do any exercises for obliques because I find they get enough indirect work.
I agree, overdeveloping them can make you look blocky. Have good abs and obliques come down to low bf%. It really doesnt matter how big and defined they are if your 17% bf.
I don't like that "blocky" look that so many bodybuilders have. I don't train my obliques with weights, I just do crossover crunches and oblique crunches when I work them. Being a woman, I prefer to keep my waist small and tight. If you look at a lot of pros, their waist look so huge. I don't like that look at all.