Did I mess up my cycle?


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So I was taking 500 mgs of Sustanon (sust) 250 every week so that is 2 shots a week. Well I started getting sick and in week 3 I took 1 shot and week 4 only one shot cause I was sick. I still have about 6 weeks left and 5 weeks of winstrol left can I still make this cycle a sucess? I mean I was up 9 lbs in the 3rd week maybe cause the dbol but now I'm still up 5 so I'm looking for 10 more. Since I still have take minumal 250 doeses I should be okay right? Since I been sick I have not eatten much and not lifted much but I'm get in there 6 days a week and just eat my ass off..
BalcoBob said:
at 250? so 750 cause at 500 im not really feeling it like I want to...

Yes because of the esters in Sustanon (sust). Cyp or Enth would be only 2 times a week, if you chose to do so.
well I have 15 bottles there all 1cc so that is 5 weeks worth at 750 I ran some dbol for 4 weeks I still have 9 days worth at 30 mgs should I continue those? I have a bottle of test enthate can i mix that with the Sustanon (sust)? if I run it at 500 I can run 7 more weeks....What should I do run it for 5 weeks at 750 or 500 for 7 weeks should i just not use the rest of the dbol? thanks for taking ur time and helping me out here!