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im 6'1" 214 lbs 15% gonna start my first 10 week cycle of
test enath. 500mg a week
eq 800mg week1 and 400 weeks 2-10

what type of diet should i be on if im looking to put on some lean mass with not too much fat with it, i wanna try to get down to around 9-10% by summer off this stack, is it attainable?
Since your goal is really to shed fat, then I have to options for you.
A- Use the cycle you have laid out and eat very clean. Low-moderate carbs, good EFA's, very high protein. With a good amount of cardio added in.

B- Change the cycle to more of a 'cutting' cycle. With some winstrol or clen/T3 or something along those lines.

I personally would go for option A.
Your goals are attainable with that cycle provided your diet and training is right. Go with a high protein low carb diet with 30 minutes of cardio 4 times a week.
could you give me an example of some low-moderate carbs and some efa's, thanks

how many calories a day should i be consuming?
and at what ratio of protein/carbs/fat should i be at?
50/20/30 p/c/f
i would shoot for about 3k cals.
1500 p (375g)
600 c (150g)
900f (100g)

I would put 75g carbs post workout in the form of dextrose, along iwth 50g of whey, and the other 75g at breakfast. Make these Low Glycemic, such as some oatmeal and a piece of fruit, etc. Shoot for 20g of fat each meal besides post workout meal, and about 50-60g of protein per meal, and 25g of whey/casein shake before bed.