different roids and the hairline


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Hi, I've been asked from a friend (actually it is a friend but yes I wonder about the same topic myself ) if I could get a "steroid and the hairline" rating for him, he's prone to male pattern balding and he plans to get on the juice somewhere around summer, he therefore asked if I could find some info about the different roids and how they affect the hairline. Im wondering if the ones with experience on the different substances here could give a 1-10 rating (where 1 is less and 10 is more likely to speed up hairloss)

Testosterone (cyp enth prop) <-- I told him to use proscar for that one
Equipose (never heard of extencive hairloss with it)
Winstrol (I told him its dht deriv and most likely to cause hairloss)
Dianabol (didnt know what to tell him :p)
Anadrol (same here)
Anavar (not likely I told him)
primobolan (its a dht deriv?)
deca (Im not quite sure but I told him its most likely safe)
Sustanon (same as test. I told him)
fina (Im not sure at all)

so if anyone with experience on the matter could help us out here it would be greatly appreciated
It is safest to just use the topical hair loss prevention products which are marketed by nizoralman, no matter what juice your going to use.

These products are a very low cost addition to any roid cycle.

Always better to be safe than sorry!