DNP day 5


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It's my 4th day on DNP, second day at 400mg.
Now I'm feeling hot and a little lethargic but nothing wrong and ephedrine helps a lot but makes me sweating more too !
I'll do 2 other days at 400 mg then I'll bump up the doses to 600mg for 3-4 days and I think it'll be the hell ...
the only problem is that I tend to have headaches when I sleep bad and as I sleep bad because of DNP, I've headaches lol ... but nothing bad and it's more bearable than the first time I used it ..
I'll keep you posted
Good luck Mike-- keep us posted...

What was your starting weight?
my starting weight was 210-215 lbs (depending of the days) with 12-13% bf.
I take a multimineral complex + vit C , E +ephedrine to avoid that fuckin lethargy + tons of water
I'm still able to train properly even if I sweat a lot more than usual.
Effects are not as unbearable as they were the first time I used it (I eat less carb, it's the reason) and if it's ok I'll bump up to 600 mg on monday until friday ... we'll see how thing go !
Thats one drug that scares the shit out of me. Good luck bro and stay safe. Stay patient. You might notice that your not losing weight that is because the increase of water bloat. When you get off. The water will get off and reveal a much leaner appearance.