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Hi, I have a query regarding diet whilst on DNP.
I have been researching for a long time and Still unsure as to what would be the optimum diet whilst cycling DNP.

Some say 40/30/30, whereass others advocate a keto-style approach. I have also read users doing a diet with 50% carbs.

Now I am aware carbs fuel the fire, but would this be a good thing, I mean would it help to burn additonal fat.

Please help

Also, would it be ok to cycle, CLEN/ECA.T3 straight after DNP?

Alternatively, could I cycle T3 whilst on DNP as I've heard this burns fat effectively

Also, I weigh 79kgs, 11 stones, so what should be my maintenance calorific intake?
Is 2000kcals ok
ive herad isocaloric is a good diet while on DNP.

I wouldnt use clen after DNP, give your natural T3 time to recover a bit. Not sure about ECA.
dnp is dangerous stuff , that being said i got my best results from a t3/ clen diet [ 2 weeks ] followed by low dose 200-400 mg a day dnp stacked with ephedra , i read somewhere that dnp helps boost t3 , i dont know if its true or not but if it is doing the dnp after t3 would help restore t3 after your t3 cycle , i have done the t3/clen for 2 weeks on then off 2 weeks with no problem recovering my natural t3 [ yes my blood work was done ] , but dont go crazy , unless you have some deadline like a contest low dose t3 less than 100 along with the clen followed by low dose dnp/ephedra works great if your gonna run the dnp for 2 weeks stay at 200 mg crystal or 400 mg powder a day , and last but not least these combos are potent calorie burners and you will lose muscle while on them unless you do them along with anabolics , bro i hope this helps but be careful dnp is not somethimg to fool around with for shits and giggles , do not go crazy on the doses take your vitamins and antioxidants and listen to your body because if it feels like to much drop the doses , ps i get better results when i run 30-50 percent carbs with my dnp , peace DADAWG oops ps2 im not a guru these are my experiences ;)
DADAWG, you have it backwards, DNP depletes T3 so definately don't do it to restore t3 levels because you're going to make it worst! DNP doesen't raise the metabolism through use of t3/t4 hormones it does it through uncoupling of oxidents. After a few days DNP will lose it's heat a bit because t3 levels are so low.

As for diet, I get the best result on low cal, even though alot of people claim it's not to be done like that, I've done DNP myself over 10 times and low cal yielded MUCH better results with the same side effects as a moderate to high diet.
most guys say run a diet that will maintain your body weight--so go find the formula for that and run that many calories a day---and keep some simple carbs with you at all times--you will need them at one point or another