Docs: I have a hematoma -- now what?


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I have been doing glute shots exclusively on this cycle. Usually I get nothing more than a small bruise, but after my last shot I now have a golfball-size hematoma on my glute. I don't understand how this happened. I aspirated and it was only bleeding a little bit when I pulled the needle out -- I have bled much more without getting a hematoma.

Anyway, now that it's there, is there anything I can do to make it go away faster? Also, how long before I can inject into the same area again? If it will be a while before I can hit the same area again, can I inject next to it, or should I stay away from the whole area (i.e., the whole right glute)?
You don't have to see ANY blood to get a hematoma, because the blood's going subq or into the muscle.
Heat will help the body resorb it faster. Minimal likelihood of infection.
Inject on that side, just stay a few cm's away form the golfball. At that size, you still have ample area to inject. Also, try the ventrogluteal approach (it's on one of those injection websites).
Thanks buffdoc!

Maybe I will try the ventrogluteal site. Just seems kinda complicated to find the right spot.

Also, the whole reason that I am doing glute shots is because of the Minto study that found much higher blood levels following gluteal injections compared to deltoid injections. The conclusion I drew from the study was that it is better to inject into a larger muscle. If that is the case, I wonder whether ventrogluteal injections will be as good as gluteal since the gluteus medius is smaller than the gluteus maximus.

For those that are curious, the Minto study can be found at:
I took a look at the Minto study. The thing is, that the real significant difference was between the one group that got NPP and the other 3 groups, who all got deca. So it seems that the shorter ester (NPP) was the most significant factor, rather than site of injection, although there were differences there, too. The difference between 1ml into the deltoid and 4ml into the gluteal were not that great.
And of course they only studied nandrolone esters, so that may or may not apply to other AAS.
Thanks for posting the link; an interesting study.
buffdoc said:
The thing is, that the real significant difference was between the one group that got NPP and the other 3 groups, who all got deca. So it seems that the shorter ester (NPP) was the most significant factor, rather than site of injection, although there were differences there, too.

Maybe I am not interpreting it correctly, but to me it seemed that the injection site made a significant difference. I am referring to this graph:

Of course, the biggest difference is with the NPP, but that's obviously because it is a faster ester. But look at the graph and compare the 1ml gluteal vs. 1ml deltoid injections. Same ester, same volume. The difference does not look as dramatic as when you compare it to the NPP condition, but take a look at the scale. For the first 4 days, the blood levels following the gluteal injection are almost twice as high as those following the deltoid injection.

Or take a look at columns 3 and 4 in Table 4 ( Again, same ester, same volume, but the area under the curve following the gluteal injection is 36% higher than following deltoid injection. To me that is a significant difference -- enough to convince me to do gluteal shots instead of deltoids like I used to.
Too techinical, youll be alright, we dont see these problems usually except if you hit an artery during a procedure, but thats arterial, no way the artery is hit during a BUTT injection. Buffdoc what you think? Arterial aneurysm in the buttocks? LOL, or just academic masturbation? LOL
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I just checked with the Original Poster- he said his hematoma cleared up about 3 weeks after he first posted. That was 13 years ago.
You can try to use some natural materials below to treat hematoma
1. Egg
Eggs have a very good effect in the treatment for how to get rid of hematoma and bruise. On the surface of egg, there have a lot of tiny holes which are tiny small pipes leading to the heart of gold.
When using this method, you need to boil the egg then roll up quickly on the bruises and hematoma areas when it is still hot. It will create pressure to suck the black blood into the heart of gold. Keep trying this procedure, and hematoma will disappear quickly.

2. Apply Cold

Ice is one of the very first home remedies for how to treat a hematoma at home that you should think of initially. It not only helps you feel comfortable, relax from pain but also stimulates blood vessel so that they can contract and reduce the risk of swelling. As a result, bruise will be blurred and risk will be limited [7]. Cold compress is also one of the natural home remedies for puffy eyes

3. Apply Hot

One day after applying the ice method, you should use a hot towel to apply on the hematoma skin areas. This will help to ease blood circulation and speed up the treatment for how to get rid of a hematoma.

4. Margarine

Some children feel scared because of cold feeling from applying ice, in that case you should not force your kids. Instead, you can use margarine to apply onto the bruises. Margarine will help limit the risk of swollen wounds. It is a wonderful tip on how to treat a hematoma, right?

5. Cabbage

Use a cabbage leaf to squeeze and get the juice. Use a cotton ball to soak this juice then apply onto the skin bruises. In addition to its ability to reduce bruising, cabbage also contains anti-inflammatory compounds. Cabbage is one of the best tips on how to get rid of a hematoma.

Source: Authority Remedies
dude, your replying on a 13 year old thread.