Does albuterol actually aid in fat loss?


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I was looking a lot into this and read suggestions on how 18mg of albuterol per day (6mg *3, taken every 4hrs, with the last dose being at 4pm) supplemented with 400mg caffeine/day (200mg tab twice, with the 2nd dose no later than 5pm) has equally good fat loss capabilities as Clen but with the added advantage of far lesser sides. I am guessing adding anavar to the stack will make it far more potent.

But at the same time, there are quite a few detractors who say it is pretty useless and have no significant effect on fat loss.

Hence wanted to know from the several experienced guys here if anyone has used Albuterol and found it to be beneficial.


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Honestly over the years, I've done Clen/Albuterol/Ephedra/ECA.
And I've come to this Conclusion.

I could have a Better Outcome with a Carb Cycling Diet, and not be subject to all the Side Effects.

Basically, Carb-Cycling is where you match your Carb Intake on any given day to your Total Energy Expenditure.
So on a Heavy Day in the Gym, where say you are doing Squats and Deadlifts, that would be a High Carb Day.

A regular Gym Day could be a Medium Carb Day.
Rest Days or just Cardio Days would be Low Carb.

If you are looking to lose weight, make sure your High Carb Day isn't over 75 to 100 Grams.
So you Low Carb Day would be around 50 Grams, or you could go a little lower over time.
Medium Carb would be inbetween the 2................................... JP
This can be adjusted for the Hard Gainer, or someone doing their Maintenance Calories.
That's the thing, it's Versatile enough for everyone.


bro im like 3% bf i swear
Id rather eat clean and in a slight caloric deficit than take additional drugs. I guess the question for me would be, is it even worth it?
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