Need advice/opinions on new mma stack/cycle


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Hi there, about to try a new stack/cycle for upcoming mma match, and I wanna know if I'm missing something, or if I have something set up incorrectly, and just an overall collective opinion before I emark. So before I give u the stack info here's my personal info, 37 years old, 5.8, 190lb, body fat 25% or more, weight class for mma 145lbs, previous cycles- low dose testcyp/eq 10 weeks with hcg/nolvadex pct earlier this year, superdrol 6 weeks with 6oxo pct 10 years ago, and a low dose 8 week deca/anadrol 13 years ago nolvadex pct.

K so here's the new cycle, goals in mind are endurance, recovery, strength, density, fat loss/leaness, not looking for size....

12 week cycle

Test cyp 200mg weeks 1-12
Primobolin(injectable) 500mg weeks 1-12
Clenbuteral 70 mcg a day weeks 1-3
N2guard weeks 1-12
Anavar 35mg a day weeks 1-9
Cardarine 20mg a day weeks 3-12
Arimidex .25mg a day weeks 3-12
Ibutamoren 20mg a day weeks 3-12
Eq 300mg weeks 3-12
Albuterol 20mg a day weeks 9-12
Halo 15mg a day weeks 9-12

Fight night is at the end of weeks 12, pct would start 2 weeks later

Pct (4 weeks)- aromasin 35mg a day for 10 days
Toremifene 90mg a day for 4 weeks
Clenbuteral 70cmg a for 3 weeks

Do I need hcg in my pct? Can anavar be used during pct?

Thoughts? Discuss......
Wow, how to dive into this one - or just stay out of it?

You have so much going on it makes my head spin. You could achieve your goals with just a couple of compounds, don't need 13 of them. The potential for interactions must be off the charts.

Only things I'll say is a PCT of aromasin for 10 days will almost certainly fail. Can't say 100% but the stuff you are taking and not using a SERM, this plan is nuts.

HCG would be good, no matter what else you decide to do, and no anavar in PCT.
Those are alot of compounds. Your bodyfat is 25% You have no business doing gear until you get those numbers way down. Aromasin is not for pct its to be used during your cycle. HCG in pct?
You really need to read the beginners cycle thread sticky and stop listening to whomever is telling you to do this tragedy of a cycle.
its not a cycle bro, its a way to chemically castrate yourself and be forced to get on TRT for LIFE.
So what should I cut out? And yeah I wasn't gonna start the cycle till I dropped to 160, just doing cardio and dieting now.
So add hcg and nolvadex or clomid? Aromasin for how long?

Youve been told to read the beginners cycle sticky thread at the top of the forum. Read it in my signature.
All the answers are there for you. noone is going to spoonfeed you a cycle without you doing any reading on your own.
At 25% Body Fat or more (your words).

The Absolute Last Thing that you need is an AAS Cycle.
What you need is an Excellent Diet, and a Good Workout Routine.

Your Cycle is All over the Map.
You say that you are trying to Lose Body Fat, yet you have Ibutamoren (MK-677).
MK is going to Bloat you up for at least 4 Weeks or maybe longer.

And where on Earth did you read that you could do 12 Straight Weeks of Orals.
1 to 9 ~ Anavar.
9 to 12 ~ Halo.
Your Liver Enzymes will be Elevated after the Anavar.
4 Weeks of Halo should be just long enough to get your Liver Jaundiced.

Halo alone is enough to put your Liver in Jeopardy.

At the end of this 12 Week Cycle, you'll be in a Fight all right.
A Fight to Regain your Compromised Health................................ JP
If you are able to Drop 45 Lbs in 12 Weeks.
You'll be so Depleted, you won't be able to Fight.
Yeah my cycle won't start till I'm at 7% bodyfat, I have over 6 months till the fight date. So no mk-677 then got it, I just heard it was good for recovery, didn't know about the bloat. And then anavar for just the last 6 weeks and forget the halo? The doses on everything else are cool tho? No issues with alburteral or clean?
cutting weight for mma is a complicated process, esp for those who have to cut water...

ive worked with ufc legends setting up their nutrition for them.. and what youre trying to do here with all this gear is going the wrong way.

will you be drug tested for this fight?
fights break down to skills and endurance/conditioning. For proper conditioning we need a proper diet.

I was raised in martial arts and my Dad conditioned my ass off. Compared to the workouts he put me through fights were easy.

You're trying to lose 45lbs, in 12 weeks, huge list in the cycle. . . . Not good.
Sorry, the test eq cycle was 10 weeks, 300mg each per week, with nolvadex clomid pct. The other cycles were all minimum doses with 8 weeks and nolva clomid pct.
Ok so how does this revision sound....

12 week cycle

Test prop 300mg a week for 12 weeks
Primo 500mg a week for 12 weeks
Eq 300mg a week for 12 weeks
Anavar 35mg a day for the first 6 weeks
Albuterol 20mg a day for the last 6 weeks
Arimidex .25mg a day for weeks 3-12
Cardarine 20mg a day for the last 6 weeks

PCT- aromasin 35mg a day for 5 weeks
Toremifene 90mg a day for 4 weeks

It’s sounds like these guys are giving you some good advice. I hope you take their help because what you are planning sounds dangerous. I imagine that amount of weight loss would be somewhat taxing on the body by itself. How can you train enough mma to think you are ready for a fight and have so much body fat? Just a major predisposition to be heavy or bad diet?
I imagine that amount of weight loss would be somewhat taxing on the body by itself. How can you train enough mma to think you are ready for a fight and have so much body fat? Just a major predisposition to be heavy or bad diet?

They've even changed the rules for weigh in, in MMA because its so extremely taxing on the body.
And this guy is trying todo that x100 while running the most insane stack of steroids ever.
Usually I'm joking when I'm saying he'll probably die...but this time its legit, he might die for real if he would follow this plan and/or actually fight.
I like said so many times already, I have all the time in the world to lose the body fat before I start the cycle, and I already lost 15lbs from dieting cardio so far. I won't start the cycle till I'm at 7% bf, which I've gotten to many many times before just thru eating clean and doing mma training, been fighting for 10 years, doing martial arts for 20, that makes your metabolism jacked, and when u stop for a year due to injuries your metabolism goes does like crazy and u gain weight cuz u still eat like your training mma everyday, it happens all the time to many fighters, not something that uncommon at all, not sure why u guys are so bewildered.... At 150lbs I'm 7% body fat, cutting 5 more pounds to 145 is nothing, most pros guys would go to 135lbs if they were 7%bf at 150lbs, and they would do all water cut, I will only be cutting a pound or 2 of water.