Albuterol sides, advice please?


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I have been taking Austinites fat loss protocol, synephrene, green tea extract and chromium for the past 11 days.

Anyway I bought some albuterol from a pharmacy both 2mg and 4mg tabs, anyways I thought I would take a single 2mg tab just to see what happens.
I had taken the stack at 2.30PM and the albuterol at 3 pm, I had a coffee at 2pm and one after my cardio at 5 pm, it's now past 11pm, I feel hot (I'm in the tropics) actual body temp is ok, according to an Android app, but my pulse is around the 100bpm Mark and has been since around 3.30 PM, I feel tired and have a slight headache, I'm not sure if this is the albuterol or the caffeine, I generally don't have coffee very often, due to feeling highly strung.
Is it worth taking a ketitofen before I go to bed?
Anyone have experience with albuterol?
I love it. I use it for fatloss as an aid or just for a pre workout when I am dragging.
You can take up to 24mg/day split into 2-12mg doses. Thats WAY too much for me. 2-6mg doses works great. Ketotifen, at night, before bed, keeps my doses low and yet effective. The thing I love about albut is that there arent bad sides. I usually feel fantastic but it works. I can get a ggood nights sleep (unike clen) and i dont get tremors (unlike clen) and so on. I attribute this to albuts shorter active life. I take it upon waking and in afternoon. Also as I said sometimes I just useit as a pre workout boost. In those ases I usually just take 3mg (i use liquid).
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I started taking it and my left bicep kept contracting yesterday. i was taking 4.5 mg three to 4 times a day and the bottle if half gone. I also recommend drinking a lot of water and hydrate as you will cramp up easily.
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Have you been able to check your systolic and diastolic, can you share those numbers? What other meds are you taking?
Was your coffee grounded or instant?
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I simply adore it. I have included it into my regime for fatloss as an supplement and as a pre workout when I am feeling low to get my pump up.