Doing basic daily exercises?


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I goto the gym 4-5 days aweek and know all about overtraining, but my question is, is it ok to do some excersises everyday.

for example, Wether I goto the gym or not I always do 100 crunches, 50 push-ups and one set of benchpress 130x50 everynight before bed.

I dont feel like im exhasuted or anymore sore from doing this daily routine.

is it ok then?
Why are you doing 50 reps for bench?

Olympic lifters train daily or damn close too it, experimentally even multiple times daily. However the volume is VERY low, this is done mostly for perfection of form, NOT for bodybuilding. What you are doing is for targeting a muscle, not for perfection of form or CNS training. With that rep range you are doing nothing more than burning a few calories, and tiring out your tissues a bit. I really dont see a reason or need for doing that, go for a walk instead. :shrug: IMO of course.
Its not a strain on me doing 50 reps, I actually found it helped my stamina when im pushing closer to my max at the gym.

I just have the weight in my room so I figure if their there, why not.

what about the crunches and push-ups?