Drawing from a vial. . .


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When drawing QV Enanth. do you use like a 19g drawing kneedle, or do you draw with the needle your also going to be injecting with?

Also, is there any procedure to drawing from a vial that i should know about? Iv only used amps.
From a perspective of sterility and keeping the needle sharp I always use a new needle to draw and then replace it with another new needle to inject. Just remember to clean the top of the vial with an alcohol swab before you draw.

Draw back the plunger to the desired volume and then inject the air into the vial, otherwise you will be creating a vacume and wont be able to draw the stuff out.
I use 20s to draw and prefer 25s to inject. Drawing with the needle you are using to shoot does dull it considerably. A box of drawing needles is pretty cheap.