droppd my diet for now


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a little update

well i lost 30 lbs so far. i am still not really where i want to be but am going to take a break from my diet for a bit.

i have a show date in mind so i will be getting very strict with my eating starting in december not to say i will not be eating clean just adding in more carbs right now

my partner and i will be doing the same show. it will be my first so very nervous. will probably enlist a very good bro at the gym for help with diet, the rest is up to me
Sometime that's the best thing to do.....giving it a break that is....:D

You'll have more will power and determination once you start again.
So what are your before/after stats as of right now? I remember seeing a progress pic in the pic forum a while ago, and it looked like you were making great progress.
I totally agree that you need to take a break from dieting. It can be so hard on you so a break will just fuel you when you start again.
Thirty pounds is a nice chunk to lose House, way to go!:beertoast
xtinct, i went from a little over 290 lbs down to my current 260lbs

i still need to lose to get where i want to be but am burnt out with the dieting.

i want to drop another 25 to 30 lbs believe it or not. i feel i can rip up nicely at 235.

time will tell, as for now i am enjoying eating but still doing my cardio i do not want to add alot of weight

just want to keep in the ball park where i am at presently. i feel a bit better

the only thing that will hamper my future plans are some medical things that i do not wish to discuss yet till i get further info.

hope to know more by the end of the month
i'd say after losing 30lbs you need a little bit of a break.. you'll get to your goal.. good luck!
Hey bro I hope all is well. If you are running IGF dieting would be a real bitch anyway, and maybe not the best time. 30 lbs. deserves a vacation.
Good luck, House. You've come a long way. Nicely done. A little break is deserved at this point I think. I've always thought ones body will adapt to any diet over a period of time. Perhaps this break will shake things up for ya when you start up again. :)