Drug Testing & insurance?


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I am a recent college graduate and am looking for a job. I am looking for something in the professional field (IT,Sales, Acct manger). I am also planning on starting a cycle in the next 2-3 weeks and want to know if I get a job offer and het hired somewhere, do I have to get a physical for my job or when my job picks me up on their insurance?

Also how long do I have to be worried about something showing up?

I'm using:

1-4 Dbol 30mg/ED
1-12 Tren Ent 400mg/week
1-12 Test Ent 500mg/week
1-14 Anavar 50mg/ED
.5mg Armidex ED
1-10 T3 20mcg/ED
10-14 T3 & Clen cycle
15-17 Clomid & Nolvadex PCT


Testing for steroids is rather expensive,...... hence one of the reasons they don't bother with it.

You'll be fine, nothing to worry about.


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I'm asking about once I get hired. I've gone through drug test before whie on but I was never being put on my company's insurance policy. I want to know if there is a total physical when I'm picked up by my comapny's carrier. Anyone know?


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I diden't get tested a year ago when I got hired & I have blue cross. Unless its mandatory to have it done now. You should be fine