Dutasteride as a topical agent?


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So I've seen some people choose to mix their Dutasteride with rogain and use it as a topical agent to avoid the sides of taking it orally. The sides of Dutasteride kinda scare me but the idea of holding onto my hair just a while longer by using it as a topical agent is something I can get behind. Does anyone here have experience.

Eventually I'm just going to shave it all...but while I'm single, I'd like a nice head of hair.
I have no info showing that duta has any availability when applied topically. It may but I do not know for sure.
I have heard the sides with duta (sexual in nature) are significantly less that with finasteride. Like with duta it is only like 1.3%!! Thats pretty darn low. My boy Ry uses it and has no issues, loves it.
Jimi sorry I didn't see this post until now. I thought this would've gotten lost in all the 0 replies.

I'm not sure if it works. I see that some people have success but I still wonder if the chem is going systemic and if it's just getting into there body in a less convenient way with them thinking they aren't suffering from side effects.

For Duta it is going to cost about triple what it costs per month compared to fina. If that's the case, I'd just let my hair go and cut things super short. At 50USD for 1 month...hmmmm. I also read that not everyone suffers from sides on Fina but that the numbers that are being thrown around for both chems seem to be skewed. I may give Duta a try though...still unsure at this point.